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Various disciplines of astrology use different keywords. The lists below contain just a few of those used in natal astrology. Keywords for the Signs :.

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Keywords for the major aspects :. Keywords can decipher a birth chart. All that needs to be done is to plug in the keywords and begin putting sentences to together. Keywords are fun. You can use any of those listed for the sign, planet, aspect, and house and determine how it fits the life. Do this a few times with your own birth chart and you'll have a rudimentary understanding of how natal astrology works.

This could be interpreted in several ways using different keywords, but among those is: The woman's sense of self Sun depends on being part of a traditional Capricorn family fourth , but that is challenged square by her mother's Moon secret eighth house actions Aries. Of course, this could describe a number of scenarios, but within the context of this woman's life, she never felt like she was part of her family growing up. She sensed she was somehow different from the others and always felt a lack of belonging.

She was raised near her father's family; her maternal relatives were hundreds of miles away. After her father's death, she questioned her mother who reluctantly confirmed that the man she knew as Dad was not her biological father. Her mother had kept the truth about her heritage a secret from her for over 50 years.

Keywords can also be used when determining astrological compatibility. For instance, when comparing two charts, knowing just the aspect keywords will give you clues to where the ease, struggles, merging, and opportunities lie in a relationship.

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Jung Source: Jung on Astrology by Routlege. This is not to be confused with the asteroid Lilith or the Dark Moon Lilith below. Not to be confused with the asteroid Lilith or the Black Moon Lilith above read more. A: A symbol is anything we use to represent something else.

Astrology Symbols and Glyphs

Glyphs are pictorial images that are used to symbolize something. Glyphs are a type of symbol, but you can have a symbol that is not a glyph. Take the zodiac sign of Taurus, for instance. That would be a symbol, but not a glyph. Using this example we can see how all astrology glyphs are symbols, although all astrological symbols are not glyphs!

Aspects in astrology describe the geometric relationship between planets, points and angles. The orb of any aspect is the range of degree allowed for the aspect to still be considered valid. The very fine-line astrology symbols for the asteroids below were researched and beautifully drawn by Denis Moskowitz. A circle is without beginning and without end and since ancient times has represented the infinite universe. It represents the unmanifested source from which all manifest reality arises. The central dot is the individual spark of light arising from the unmanifest.

The first point of light from where the unmanifest becomes manifest. One semicircle represents Divine Consciousness, while the other symbolizes human consciousness. Used in Esoteric Astrology. The symbol for Earth is the equal-armed cross within a circle. This is an ancient and sacred symbol in many cultures throughout humankind. The cross symbolizes the union of the physical plane and the spiritual plane and is a universal symbol of protection. The horizontal arms of the cross represent our physical, time-based, worldly existence; while the vertical arms of the cross represent the spiritual aspect of our nature: extending above and below into all non-physical realms of existence.

The cross arises within the universal symbol for infinity: the circle. Together it symbolizes the true nature of earth-bound existence: a union of the physical and spiritual, arising from the infinite umanifest ground of being. Your ascendant AC is the zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. It is commonly called the ' rising sign ' for this reason. MC stands for Medium Coeli otherwise known as the midheaven.

It is the highest point of intersection between the meridian and the ecliptic. The Lunar North Node is the point where the Moon's path around the Earth crosses the ecliptic from the southern to the northern hemisphere. Rahu is associated with Saturn and Ketu with Mars. Rahu can mean focus, materialism, applied effort, ambition, obsession and struggle. Ketu can mean moksha, liberation, occult, astrology, isolation and spirituality read more.

So we can see in Vedic astrology that the North Node is considered material and the South Node is spiritual. In contrast, western astrologers have begun to use the Nodal Axis only relatively recently. The South Node shows where we have recurring patterns that can potentially limit our experience to the mundane worldly affairs and keep our attention stuck at the personality level.


The South Node is associated with the past, while the North Node is associated with the future. The Lunar South Node is the point where the Moon's path around the Earth crosses the ecliptic from the northern to the southern hemisphere. From our perspective on earth there are times when planets appear to move backwards in their orbit. Planets don't really move backwards but due to this apparent backward motion they can have a prolonged and or more reflective effect in certain areas of the natal chart.

Read more and see an excellent diagram of retrograde motion at AstroWiki. The orbs given for the conjunction through to sesquiquadrate are those used by the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

Orbs may differ from those above, as there are sometimes situations where an astrologer would extend or reduce the allowed degree of orb. A conjunction is a variable aspect which means that it may be challenging or harmonious depending on the energies involved. Search Search for:. Cart 0.

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