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December 9 Birthday Horoscope

If we release our expectations, this can be a fun and exciting shift. Click here for your premium horoscope for ! The three Mercury retrogrades of occur predominantly in the water signs of Pisces , Cancer , and Scorpio. In fact, due to some extra meandering, Mercury is slated to spend more time in the three water signs than just about all the other signs combined. Water is receptive in nature, so the effects of Mercury retrograde in this element can be subtler when compared to its occurrence in others.

December 9

Water has no shape of its own, taking on the shape of its surroundings; and with water, most of the interesting things are happening below the surface. Likewise, you may notice that something feels different before you can fully discern exactly what it is. Conversely, you may be able to affect the group vibe through emotional appeals. Water tends to unify and pool together in large bodies, so popularity can swing in great tides this year. An example? The enormously popular new age books The Celestine Prophe cy and The Secret were both released during years with Mercury retrogrades in water signs.

Some of the people, places, and things that are the most central to your life are likely to shift this year, and thus the way you feel about them could as well. At the same time, you may find that there are things about your own basic identity that you actually want to change—and with a similar kind of support, these periods may be the perfect time to seek something new.

Water is your opposite element: in any direct interaction, water puts out your fire or you heat it to a boiling point. Therefore, an indirect approach is likely best. If you can take some time to rest and cool off, then the embers of your fire become easier for others to handle.

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Curb your desire to go it alone and either ask for help or commiserate with others on your detour. You may just find a short cut together. You may have to put aside your natural practicality, relax your boundaries, and go with the flow. Allow yourself to feel as much as you think, and to honor your connections. Being a numerologist or an astrologer means that it is a person who must perfectly know the secret of the meanings of the numbers, the effects of the planets, as well as the numerous hidden signs and symbols that contain material nature.

This is the reason why we covered all of these topics in our analyses of certain dates so that you can get the all the necessary information about yourself or someone who you love when you need them. Although in many segments numerology is much easier than astrology, it is still not, in any case, its surrogate or just an instant technique for quickly and easily defining human destiny. Today we are examing the personality and character of people who are born on December 9, who belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

You know that time when you see a person who is looking into deep, whose eyes look at some far direction, who is love in nature, and who is active and gentle at the same time, and who seem fierce like any other -be sure that you are looking at person who is born on December 9. These people undoubtedly have many fears, but the difference between them and some other people is that they are dealing with these issues maturely.

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They can realise that these fears are unfounded; that all the troubles come from them and that everything that is possible to do to overcome such tendencies should be done. These people can change their attitude of the mind, and at the same time live an active social life; take care of their loved ones. When they can incorporate these changes their body and mind are in a perfect balance. Finding balance can be the ultimate goal for these people, whose lives are turbulent and changeable in many ways.

Will they reach it, no one knows, they are unpredictable, but Astro-numerologist often points out that all people who have numeral 9 in their date can start over, in any aspect where they have failed. They are great humanists in some way, but not because they are too emotional, but because they want to see the change in the world; and because they love people. These people are expecting to modify and adapt to the world, but accept people as they are -this is not an easy task. These people born on this day are great friends, they will listen to others with respect, if someone seeks their advice, they will give it, and in the end, if are in their power, will help you.

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Indeed, they will never make your lives harder. There is one thing that those Sagittarius people who are born on December 9 hate — do not by any chance thoroughly quench them, because, they always have the best possible solution, the smarter solution. It is known that they should be avoided when they are unsettled. As far as love comes, these people are those whose head manages their big hearts; and they sometimes tend to be gloomy and depressive in some way, in those times those who are born on December 9 anticipate an accident in everything that happens in love.

December 9 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

Their reservation and distance are not only a defensive system of Sagittarius people, but also a perfect cover up that disguise the disposable energy they possess. But, of course, people in general, and this implies to these, in particular, are not people who are one-dimensional. So far, it can already be presumed that complex personalities, they are somewhat reserved humans, but love is especially the terrain where they do not work best.

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But one thing is interesting here -this almost exclusively applies to the numbers of emotional connections because they quickly enter into adventures as All Sagittarius does. But, may this be as it is, these people are one of the most desirable lovers, and some representatives of this date have the biggest sexual appetite; in the bed, there is no trace of that restraint that they are recognisable for.