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Does each school have it's own version? I'm wanting to follow Bon so I would be more interested in what they use more than the other. There is not a Bon astrology, a Gelug astrology, etc. The Karma Kagyu does have its own calendar and because of that, its ephemeris of planetary positions differs slightly from the other schools, but the methods of prediction are the same. Institute of the Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. Institute of the Tibetan Medicine and Astrology offers internal and correspondence courses of the Tibetan language, medicine and astrology.

Saratov Regional Astrological Association. Newpaper "Astrolog" and Magazine "Astrology". The Home Pages of the Russian Astrological Society and one of the most popular Russian astrological newpapers and well-known Russian astrological magazine.

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Home page of the magazine dedicated to the techniques of the Hamburg School of Astrology. Astrological Robot by Albert Timashev. Astrological Robot by Albert Timashev makes your personal horoscope, gives you forecasts for everyday or for any period of time, tells you about your relations with other people and organizations. The only you should do is enter the correct date, time and place of your birth.

Vladimir Sazonov. Also, in many countries, birds and animals are freed as a symbolic act of liberation.

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This implies granting of freedom to those who are held captive or tortured against their will. In general, devotees reaffirm their belief in Panchsheel or five precepts, and some devotees resolve themselves to lead a noble life observing the five percepts — not to take life, not to steal, not to lie, not to consume liquor or any intoxicants and not to be disloyal.

Some of them may spend the whole day in temples with renewed determination to observe eight percepts or eightfold path. Vesak celebrations also involve efforts to bring happiness to the poor and needy.

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People may distribute cash or gifts to charitable homes or provide food and clothes to the poor. Vesak is also a festival of joy.

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They may vie each other in doing useful activities such as providing refreshments and food for those visiting temples. The monks recite verses uttered by Buddha to invoke peace and happiness for the whole world. All Buddhists are reminded to respect other beliefs and to live in harmony with other people. The government of Nepal announces a public holiday on Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti and is widely celebrated across the country.

People donate foods and clothes to the needy and also provide financial aid to monasteries and schools. The government of India also announces holiday on Buddha Purnima. On this day, pilgrims from all over the world visit Bodh Gaya the place where Buddha got enlightenment and the Mahabodhi temple. The Mahabodhi temple is decorated, and prayers, sermons, processions and special events highlighting the life of Buddha are conducted.

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Buddha has said that the right way to pay homage to him is not merely by offering flowers and lights, but by truly striving to follow his teachings. Before his death, on seeing his attendant weeping, Buddha advised him to understand and accept the universal law that all compounded things should disintegrate. He advised everyone not to bereave of the disintegration of the physical body but to regard Dharma his teachings which is the eternal universal law to save oneself from suffering.

The world is expected to celebrate Vesak by observing Dharma to bring peace and harmony to humanity. The festival Buddha Purnima can be regarded as a celebration of Buddhist teachings to the world. The fundamental principles of Buddhism known as the Pancsheel are Not to take life, Not to steal, Not to lie, Not to consume liquor and Not to commit adultery. Buddha is the ideal guide to achieve spiritual peace and bliss. He taught people the real balance between luxury and simplicity. According to him the sufferings of life are because of our desires or attachment to the material world.

He gave us the eightfold path — Right belief , Right intention , Right living , Right conduct , Right word , Right thinking , Right efforts and Right meditation to keep away the sufferings of life.

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